Bio Fuel

Bio Fuel

Biofuel is a fuel produced through contemporary biological processes and can be derived directly from plants or indirectly from agricultural, commercial, domestic, and/or industrial wastes.

The availability and renewability of fossil fuels has been of concern almost from day one of their discovery. Pumping fuel from the ground is a difficult, expensive process and additionally fossil fuels are not renewable, so they will run out at some point.

Organisations like the International Energy Agency (IEA) have highlighted enormous potential in biofuels, suggesting they could produce 27% of the world’s total transportation fuel by 2050!

Fire Wood

Our logs are made up of native British hardwood and softwoods, we either do pure hardwood loads or we do what we term as a mixed load which is softwood with a little hard wood. The firewood burns well in open fires and wood burners. It is also ideal for chimineas, fire pits, barbecues and pizza ovens. All logs can be cut to size and split as specified.


The logs are delivered in crates which are approximately 1 cube in size. The crate is delivered to your property and unloaded at a predetermined location.
If the chosen location is a log store and stacking is required or barrowing is required. There is an additional charge of £5.00 + standard rate VAT

Note: Due to the spiralling costs we have incurred this year please note our new firewood prices.

£83.50 inclusive of 5% VAT per mixed wood crate load delivered.
Hardwood can be cut to your exact requirements and delivered for a sum of £94.00 inclusive of 5% VAT.

Collected: (By prior arrangement only)

Firewood can also be collected from our yard by the net bag at £4.00 per bag.

Coal & Kindling

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