Quality Plan: Landscaping and Ecology Works on Highways Contracts

Job Number
Client Name
Client Contact
Client Email
Client Mobile
Client Telephone
Site Location
Scope of the work
Where applicable the clients service level agreement
Specification Reference
Drawing Reference
Turney Quote/Job Reference
Contracts Manager
Contracts Manager Mobile
Sections of the Quality Manual applicable
Method Statements & Risk Assessment COSHH assessments
Estimated Start Date
Estimated Completion Date
Work Programme Details
Lead Operative Name
Competency of Operatives
Sub Contracted Work
Control of Equipment and Machinery
Provision of traffic management controls
Staff site welfare facilities
Storage Facilities
Material provided by client or Turney
Certification Details to be issued to client
British standards applicable to this contract and/or other requirements
Control of non conforming products
Is a Bio security plan required?
Environmental Management
Any details of requirements regarding protected species
Measures to minimise waste and waste disposal management
Storage and handling of pesticides and disposal of excess chemicals
Details and control of quality records
Monitoring & Measurement
Distribution of this plan
Quality Plan Prepared By
Date Plan Prepared