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Tree Pruning Services in Letchworth

Turneys have decades of experience and our teams of tree surgeons are ready to help you manage your trees.

We comply with the best practice within the industry and comply with all legislation. The processes we use and the systems we follow create a strong structure whilst correcting any defects or weaknesses within the tree.

Tree pruning itself is a term that includes a combination of techniques any or all of which can be used to achieve the required result.

Tree Pruning Techniques

Crown Reduction

This is a common technique and is where the foliage of the tree is cut from the outer edge into the crown, reducing the shape and size of the tree.

Crown reduction is a safe pruning method that shortens the height of a tree or branches by only cutting select limbs as small as possible to maintain the tree’s frame. This helps promote faster healing of the tree and regrowth.

No more than a quarter of the tree’s canopy should be removed at any one time. Crown reduction can also help to remove the stress on trees which have heavy branches and thus reduces the chances of the heavy branches breaking off in storms.

Crown Lifting

This is where we cut the lower beaches of the tree to ‘lift’ the crown of the tree and allow for more clearance between the ground and the first of the lower branches. The main benefits for crown lifting are;

  • To allow for access below the tree this can be particularly useful for vehicles where the tree is roadside. In the United Kingdom, the highways regulations say that the tree clearance over a road must be 5.2m and over a footpath it must be 2.5m.
  • To help improve the light under the tree
  • To enhance the tree’s shape and look by creating a more balanced profile
  • To remove any branches that are hitting existing structures or property such as sheds, fences, houses etc

When crown lifting trees, it is important to leave large primary branches growing directly from the trunk as removing them can create large wounds which can potentially lead to decay.

Crown lifting older, mature trees should be limited to smaller secondary branches to minimise the stress and reduce the overall recovery time for the tree. It is possible to crown lift a tree too much so it is important to get in the experts such as Turneys who can give you professional arborist advice in the Letchworth area.

The British standard for tree works BS3998:2010 recommends that crown lifting is restricted to no than than 15% of the crown height in order to leave the crown at least two thirds of the total height of the tree.


Pollarding is a way of pruning trees and shrubs so that they are kept smaller than they would have naturally grown to. It is normally started once a tree or shrub reaches certain height and can be seen usually where they line a path or roadway.

Often used on ‘street’ trees where a smaller crown is preferred, the main branches of the tree are pruned heavily to short stubs. This promotes vigorous growth from the stumpy branches that are left.

Today pollarding is seen to be a good way to treat trees for a variety of reasons such as it prevents trees from getting too large for their location and can be necessary where the trees are growing too large for their environment and may impact upon properties or overhead cables.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the selective removal of secondary stems and branches which will not change the overall structure or size of the tree and is predominantly done to increase the light penetration through the tree and reduce the shade around the base.

One of the other reasons to crown thin the tree is to make it more unattractive for tree pests if they are becoming a problem. Fewer branches and a thinner crown means that the tree provides less cover and shelter so they will be forced to move on.

Crown Cleaning

This is the most basic type of tree pruning and is sometimes called ‘dead wooding’. This is the time when we remove any dead or diseased branches from the tree to ensure the overall health of the tree improves.

Tree Pruning Services Near You

Local Letchworth Tree Surgeon – Dedicated teams of professional and experiences arborists and treecare specialists

At Turney Landscapes we work within a large area around Hertford and some of our services are available nationwide. We have several large commercial clients who require services across the Uk and so we are able to work with them to ensure that they get the full and complete service nationally.

Our treecare services are becoming more popular in the Letchworth area thanks to our continued good work over many years and all our satisfied customers. With our increasing popularity we are seen as one of the premium tree care specialists in the area of Hertford.

We have many options for developing your treecare service over phases so that you can spread the work and cost over a period of time. Contact our expert and friendly treecare team now to find out how we can help with your tree requirements today.

If you are not sure what the service is that you need then just give us a call or contact us to arrange a site visit and we will be happy to send one of the team across to you and they can take a look at your situation and discuss what tree care services you need and what the process should be.


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