Image of rotting tree stump in Maulden

Tree Stump Removal Service in Maulden

When a tree is cut down there is generally a stump left behind which will need removing using specialist equipment. This is usually known as ‘stump grinding’ and can be a laborious task for a home owner. With that in mind it is usually sensible to employ a specialist company like Turneys to remove the stump for you.

Turneys have many years of experience and our teams of tree experts are ready to help you remove any trees or stumps that have been left.

Benefits of Treet Stump Removal

There are several benefits to removing unwanted tree stumps and these listed below should help you confirm your decision to remove the stump.

  • Prevent a tree which has already been taken down from regrowing
  • Create more space to plant new trees in that same area
  • Create room for landscaping and other garden projects
  • Tree stumps are trip and safety hazards
  • Left alone tree stumps can become breeding grounds for bacteria
  • Taking the stump out completely will let you turf the area to lawn

When Is The Best Time To Remove The Tree Stump

As tree stumps are close the ground they can be missed when you are looking around the property and this means that they can be tripped over easily. Although you can remove the tree stump at any time it is usually best to remove the tree stump as soon as possible as then you will minimise the risk of a fall or trip.

Almost as soon as the tree is felled the remaining stump wil start to decay and will attract a number of insects keen to make use of the stump as a new home such as beetles, termites and ants. Leaving the tree stump also allows for the tree to potentially regrow and then you have to start again. Once the tree has been entirely removed you will be able to use the space and turf or build over the top of where it used to be.

Tree Stump Removal Services Near You

Local Maulden Tree Stump Removal – Dedicated teams of professional and experienced treecare specialists

At Turney Landscapes we work within a large area around our main offices in Milton Keynes and Hertford – some of our services are even available nationwide. We have several large commercial clients who require services across the UK and so we are able to work with them to ensure that they get our full and complete service nationally.

Our treecare services are becoming more popular in the Maulden area thanks to our continued good work over many years and all our satisfied customers. With our increasing popularity we are seen as one of the premium tree care specialists in your local area.

We have many options for developing your treecare service over phases so that you can spread the work and cost over a period of time. Contact our expert and friendly treecare team now to find out how we can help with your tree requirements today.

If you are not sure what the service is that you need then just give us a call or contact us to arrange a site visit and we will be happy to send one of the team across to you and they can take a look at your situation and discuss what tree care services you need and what the process should be.

Tree Surgeon Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions related to our tree surgery services in the Maulden area

Local Maulden Tree Surgeon
Dedicated and Experienced Tree Care Specialists
Call us on 01908 281 127

Remember that employing a specialist Tree Surgeon means that you benefit from the public liability insurance that we have as standard through to the qualifications & expertise of our excellent teams of tree specialists.

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding our tree services;

How do I get in contact with you?
We can easily be contacted by telephone on 01908 281 127 or by email

Where are you based?
Our head office is in Wavendon near Milton Keynes and we have tree care teams covering the Maulden area and throughout the surrounding villages and towns such as Abbotsley, Ampthill, Bedford, Biddenham, Bletsoe, Blunham, Bromham, Campton, Cardington, Clapham, Clifton, Clophill, Colmworth, Cotton End, Cranfield, Dunton, Elstow, Eyeworth, Farndish, Felmersham, Flitton & Greenfield, Flitwick, Great Barford, Harrold, Haynes, Henlow, Hinwick, Ickwell, Kempston, Keysoe, Knotting, Lidlington, Little Staughton, Marston Moretaine, Maulden, Melchbourne, Millbrook, Milton Ernest, Newton Bromswold, Northill, Odell, Old Warden, Pavenham, Pertenhall, Podington, Potton, Pulloxhill, Ravensden, Renhold, Riseley, Roxton, Sharnbrook, Shefford, Shillington, Silsoe, Southill, St Neots, Stevington, Stewartby, Sutton, Tempsford, Thurleigh, Turvey, Upper & Lower Gravenhurst, Wharley End, Willington,

I don’t know what I need – I’m worried I’ll ask for the wrong thing?
Don’t worry. Not everyone is a tree surgeon and our team is always happy to discuss your requirements on the phone and then perform a site visit to confirm what tree care services you actually need. We will explain everything that we do and show you why you need certain treatments or services to ensure that your trees are in wonderful health for many years to come.


If you have a question or would like to know more about our tree surgery services in the Maulden area, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.